Our Story

Antonio Media is a web and app design company with an extensive knowledge and know-how in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design.

We provide great value to your users by listening to their needs and translating them into meaningful and relevant user experiences when they are using your tech product.

Having a great user experience can positively impact your business.


Passion for the craft

For the love of artistry for great design and working on diverse awesome projects, John Sandiford started Antonio Media in 2010, a User Experience and Interface Design agency.

Our goal is to create visually appealing and engaging designs for digital products that creates meaningful first impressions, is easy to use, intuitively to understand and can solve problems. Moreover helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors boosting brand awareness of your digital product.


Create high quality design

By following the steps of Design Thinking Methodology we aim to understand, do research, design, implement and evaluate the designs we create.

This approach allows us to create designs that are clean, simple, intuitive, flexible, engaging and everlasting, providing the WOW experience your users are expecting from your product.


Website, apps, web apps

We create meaningful and high quality UX/ UI Design work for websites, apps and/or web apps, that enhances user experience and satisfaction. Improving usability and accessibility, when your users are interacting with your digital product.

We can create everything from clean one-pagers to the most complex websites & apps.

“Working at Antonio Media, feels like being with family.”

Never a dull moment at Antonio Media.


Teamwork makes the dream work

We believe greatness can only be achieved together. This is why we have an ever growing team of highly skilled individuals specialised in complimentary areas.

Meet the people that make the impossible happen.

Founder, UX / UI Designer, Project Manager
John Sandiford
“Be Impactful & Do Epic Shit!”
UX / UI Designer
Betul Garip
"Be the person who decided to go for it."
Office manager, project manager
Claire Sandiford - Wolter
“Adventure awaits.”
UX / UI Designer
Dwayne Croes
“Always creating good vibes.”

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