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Webapp for internal use


Our team was brought on board to collaborate on the strategic development of an opportunity map. Working closely with the client, we co-created the concept and took charge of designing the user experience and user interface for the tool.

Innovation in a 400 year old industry


The StaBlu app is a mobile application connecting Caribbean fishermen with real-time buyers.

Our team developed the app's initial MVP version, collaborating closely with fishermen in St. Eustatius and local organizations to understand their needs and perspectives.

Website Renewal for a Greener Tomorrow

Beans Coffee

For over 25 years, Beans Coffee has flourished as one of the Netherlands' largest coffee roasters. Now, their aim is to be the first CO2 neutral coffee roaster in the country.

To spread awareness about this mission and their newfound purpose, they sought our expertise to renew and enhance their website.⁣⁣

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