Case Study

We created an internal webapp 'Kansenkaart' for Enpuls.

About Enpuls

Sustainability Pioneer in Energy Transition

Enpuls is an independent organization that accelerates the energy transition. Founded in 2016 as part of Enexis Group, they pioneer carbon-neutrality with a broad perspective on sustainability.
The company actively collaborates with market, government, operators, and housing corps. Focused on sustainability, energy systems, mobility, and heat infrastructure.

Enpuls has significantly contributed to accelerating the energy transition. As of 2022, Enpuls has transformed into Enpuls Warmte Infra, continuing with new strategies in the heat infrastructure.

The Challenge

Solving Software Complexity

Software development and data explorations can become complex and unmanageable.

In 2017 our team contributed to the strategic development of an opportunities map. Designed to support regional explorers in identifying real estate projects and aiding governments in sustainable energy and infrastructure strategies.

Our role involved co-creating the concept, crafting user experience, and designing the tool's user interface. We managed the development process in an agile setting.

Approach Used

Our team organised workshops. From those workshops we crafted user stories, flows and wireframes and designed user interfaces from start to finish. Throughout the journey, we efficiently managed the development team, resulting in a successful project.


The Solution

An Efficient CRM Sketch Tool

Clarity, efficiency, simple are some of the words used to describe the application after launching it.

The power of a dedicated sketch tool with basic CRM capabilities allow the 'explorers' of Enpuls to build a knowledge database of future projects that no one else has or can create. It helps them create the 'whole picture' to collaborate more efficiently.


Great job Antonio Media! Working with user experience expertise brought a new dimension to our brand new tool, making the work of our explores easier to jump start projects with Governments and Project developers alike.

Great job John and team!

Leon Piepers
Enpuls B.V. / Enexis
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