An innovative MVP app towards sustainable fisheries.

Intro company

Sint Eustatius Foundation

Sint Eustatius Foundation (SEF) is a small non-profit foundation located on Sint Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands.

As a business support organisation, SEF is committed to assisting in the development of entrepreneurship on the island. SEF defines entrepreneurship as a key to the island's sustainable development and has a primary focus on creativity as creative insights give rise to continual innovation propelling movement.


Sint Eustatius Project for Innovation towards Sustainable Fisheries

A study carried out by SEF identified that the balance between the increase in seafood demand and the sustainable fishery practices for most species of marine life will be significantly altered in the near future due to this fast growth in the seafood market. This alteration may lead to a significant imbalance in the market if real measures are not undertaken and controlled in a timely and efficient matter.

To ensure that marine fisheries practices on Sint Eustatius remain sustainable and by adding transparency in the market, SEF identified the need for a technological user-friendly and informative platform in which the fisher folk, commercial and non-commercial purchasers of seafood, NGO’s as well as the government are to be informed on several operations on sustainable marine fisheries practices.  

This platform will aim to facilitate and improve the participation of fisher folk, the Government, NGO’s and consumers of seafood in marine fisheries management with real time and relevant information, sustainable practices, fair pricing and security.

Our team worked closely with fishermen in Sint Eustatius and local organisations to bring the needs for the app into perspective. We held a workshop with the parties involved to define the UX, map out the customer journey and discuss the functional design of the app. Based on the information gathered from the workshop we created the UX requirements for the app and established these requirements in a sitemap and wireframe.

Based on the sitemap and the wireframes we created a responsive and optimised UI design for the app. The responsive design is based on an auto rescaling grid that adjusts and optimises on mobile and tablet devices.

The app was build in an agile setting by a development company which we contracted and managed during the building and launching of the app.


The Result

First MVP fisheries app in the Caribbean

The first MVP fishers app in the Caribbean that provides fish information, a fixed location where buyers and sellers can meet and improves and reinforces the communication between the parties; the fisherman goes fishing based on the demand and in return prevents the waste of fish.

The app maps active fishermen so buyers can place an order, pick it up or have it delivered/ exported. All on a “real-time” basis and indicates when a transaction has been made.

It also creates the possibility for fisherman to work together.

For more information about the app visit the StaBlu app website.

Dr. Teresa Leslie | Director of St. Eustatius Foundation 

The collaboration was of Great value

"Collaborating with John and his team has been of great value in creating the sustainable fishery app, StaBlu. Their knowledge, skills and time to process all information has led to an amazing and user-friendly app that will definitely benefit all islands”.

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