Case Study

StaBlu: Innovating a
400-Year-Old Fish Industry

About StaBlu

An EU funded pilot project

In 2019, the Sint Eustatius Foundation (SEF) launched "Statia Blue," later StaBlu, to enhance sustainable fisheries management. Seeking a software vendor, SEF aimed to implement a platform fostering collaboration among fisher folk, government, NGOs, and seafood consumers.

StaBlu focused on innovative initiatives to maintain the delicate balance of the region's marine life. By encouraging fishermen to actively participate as stewards of protected reefs and species, the project aimed to secure a sustainable future for Sint Eustatius and its valuable natural resources.

The project was funded by the 10th European Development Fund and driven by the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA).

The Challenge

Balancing Seafood Growth Sustainably

A study carried out by SEF identified that the balance between the increase in seafood demand and the sustainable fishery practices for most species of marine life will be significantly altered in the near future due to this fast growth in the seafood market. This alteration may lead to a significant imbalance in the market if real measures are not undertaken and controlled in a timely and efficient matter.

Therefore, SEF considered the possibility to incorporate a system in which the fisher folk, commercial and non-commercial purchasers of seafood, NGO’s as well as the government are to be informed on several operations on sustainable marine fisheries practices.

Approach Used

Using the Design Thinking Method, our team collaborated with SEF, St. Eustatius fishermen and local organisation to create user requirements, design the user experience and thoroughly test the app to ensure its effectiveness. Through effective management, our team ensured the development process ran smoothly, leading to the successful completion of the project.


The Solution

An MVP sustainable fishery app

The StaBlu MVP sustainable fishery app connects Caribbean fishermen with buyers in real-time, addressing key challenges.

It offers fish information, establishes a fixed meeting point for buyers and sellers, and enhances communication. By aligning fishing with demand, it minimizes fish waste.

The app maps active fishermen, enabling buyers to place orders, arrange pickups, or request fish deliveries. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration among fishermen for larger orders, promoting efficiency and sustainable practices in the fishing industry.

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Collaborating with John and his team has been of great value in creating the sustainable fishery app, StaBlu. The company's knowledge, skills and time to process all information has led to an amazing and user-friendly app that will definitely benefit Sint Eustatius and other islands in the future.

Dr. Teresa Leslie
Former Director of St. Eustatius Foundation
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